Can Dogs Eat Salted Peanuts? Are they Good or a No-Go?


No, dogs cannot eat salted peanuts. While roasted unsalted peanuts can be given in small amounts, and on rare occasions, salted peanuts must be avoided and kept off the dog’s menu.

Salted peanut butters are high in sodium, and sodium is not something dogs can process well. Plus, they can be seasoned with other spices and pose a choking hazard, especially for dogs with voracious appetites.

Why are Salted Peanuts Bad for Dogs?

Salted peanuts are bad for dogs because of several reasons. Some of them are more serious than others. Here is a more in-depth overview of the reasons salted peanuts are bad for dogs.

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Sodium or Salt Toxicity

Salt poisoning is an extreme but possible scenario. A small dog that ate too many salted peanuts can become poisoned. Salt toxicity is more likely to occur in dogs with co-existing kidney problems.

Salt poisoning in dogs requires immediate and proper veterinary attention. With supportive care and stabilization, dogs may recover within 2 to 3 days. However, the scenario is potentially life-threatening.

Pancreatitis Risk

Peanuts are rich in fats. Dogs can process a limited amount of fats. Therefore, if consumed excessively, they can be risky. Overconsumption of fats puts the dog at risk of developing pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is the medical term for inflammation of the pancreas. Pancreatitis is a life-threatening problem. If managed timely and properly, it can be resolved, but it is painful and tedious.

Added Spices and Seasonings

Salt is not the only spice or seasoning. Many store-bought salted peanut versions feature added enrichments. These spices or seasonings can wreak havoc on the dog’s GI tract.

Digestive upsets in dogs manifest with vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, dehydration, and disinterest in everyday activities. Stomach issues are not fatal, but they can be challenging to manage.

Choking Hazard

It is no secret that most dogs have voracious appetites. Because of their size, salted peanuts pose a serious choking hazard to dogs. Choking is an emergency and warrants immediate management.

Therefore, as a pet owner, you need to be prepared and familiar with the Heimlich maneuver. There are different versions of the maneuver based on the dog’s size.

Signs Your Dog Has Eaten Salted Peanuts

The consequences of dogs eating salted peanuts depend on the number of peanuts and the dog’s body weight. In cases of salt poisoning, pet owners can expect the following signs and symptoms:

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Excessive drooling
  • Overall weakness
  • Tremors and seizures
  • Loss of coordination and balance
  • Collapse.

In cases of pancreatitis, the dog will show signs of digestive upset (vomiting, diarrhea, appetite loss, dehydration) accompanied by severe abdominal pain and disinterest in everyday activities.

If your dog is showing one or more of the above-described signs and symptoms, it is important that you seek immediate veterinary help.

What to Do If My Dog Ate Salted Peanuts?

In case you gave your dog salted peanuts unaware of their dangers, or your dog managed to steal some, you should call your trusted veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline.

Depending on the circumstances, you will be instructed to either wait while carefully monitoring your dog’s condition or head toward the nearest emergency clinic. In both cases, it is imperative that you follow the veterinary instructions.

Never attempt to self-treat your dog at home. Some human medications are harmful to dogs and, if misused, can trigger more severe consequences.

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All in all, dogs cannot eat salted peanuts. While a salted peanut or two is not likely to cause an issue, giving salted peanuts to dogs on purpose is highly inadvisable. To avoid accidents, salted peanuts must be kept out of the dog’s reach.

In large amounts, salted peanuts can damage the dog’s kidneys and even cause salt toxicity. If dealing with accidental ingestion, it is imperative to call the vet.

Luckily, just because dogs cannot eat salted peanuts does not mean they cannot enjoy the nutty flavor. There are many peanut butter options made specifically for dogs with dog-friendly ingredients.


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