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Welcome to Pawut.com – a website where you can learn all kinds of facts and info on canine nutrition. We have hundreds of articles about which human foods are safe or dangerous for dogs, from addictive everyday snacks to nutrient-packed fruits and veggies to different meats, spices, herbs, and condiments.

As responsible pet owners we know that dogs have unique dietary needs and should not eat human foods. However, as indulging dog parents, we like sharing foods with our furry companions.
So, let’s admit it – we all secretly give our dogs something aside from their regular cans and kibbles. Since we are going to keep doing this (secretly or not), we owe it to our pups to do it right.

And that is the whole purpose of this website. Our mission is to help you successfully navigate the confusing waters of canine nutrition.
Nutrition is the key to health and longevity. That is why every choice counts. Each food you offer your dog makes a difference and needs to be safe, healthy, and nourishing.

Here, at Pawut.com, we are passionate (borderline crazy) about dogs and want nothing less than the best for your beloved canine friend. Our articles are extensively researched, carefully written, and medically reviewed by experienced veterinarians.

Being a dog parent is a wonderful experience and an opportunity to learn something new every day. In a nutshell, here is what you can learn on our website:

  1. Which human foods are safe for dogs, which are dangerous, and which are somewhere between bad and good.
  2. If the nutritional health benefits of certain human foods outweigh the potential risks and side effects.
  3. The nutritional profiles and values of human foods and how they fit on the canine food pyramid.
  4. Whether certain human foods can be fed to dogs on a daily basis, given as occasional treats on special occasions, or kept as far away as possible from the dog’s food bowl.
  5. Correct serving sizes and dog-friendly preparation methods for maximum health benefits and minimum risks.
  6. What to do in case you accidentally give (or your pet steals) food from the “forbidden human foods for dogs” category – signs to look for, first-aid tips, and the right time to call the veterinarian.

If a specific food pops up in your mind and you have a question in the form “Can Dogs Eat X?” just check our site. Chances are we got the answer for you. Plus, some backed-up elaboration behind the answer.

Also, browse our site if you are a first-time dog parent or are preparing to become one and trying to grasp as much canine diet and nutrition knowledge as possible. Keep in mind that feeding dogs is pretty much like feeding babies – they depend on us to make the right choices.

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