Can Dogs Eat Oyster Crackers? – Nutrition Card

When you are eating your soup with oyster crackers, and your dog looks at you for a bite, don’t feel like a villain for not giving him, you can still give him some of this snack, read on to find out how much your dog can eat.


It is estimated that for every 10 kg of weight your dog consumes a maximum of 500 calories per day [WSAVA], its food generally already meets this requirement, so you shouldn’t give more than 5 cookies during the week.

Remember that consuming these cookies in large quantities and continuously can predispose your dog to present obesity-related diseases.

Although they are usually enriched with iron and vitamin B1, they are not the best source of these nutrients so never use them as a dietary supplement, there are other options that you can consult in this same portal to supplement.


You should know that these crackers are made chiefly with wheat flour, soybean oil, and salt. 

In other words, they are a carbohydrate and if your dog has any of the following conditions:

  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Food allergy

You should not give your dog oyster crackers because the excess carbohydrates in animals with these conditions can worsen the disease and delay the anti-inflammatory processes within their body.

In conclusion, you can give this snack to your dog sporadically, although it does not have a great nutritional value, it is not considered toxic.

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Maria Klypo

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