Can Dogs Eat Pocky? – Nutrition Card

Pocky is a baked cookie, coated with chocolate fondue cream, is a rich Japanese recipe, but is it healthy for our dogs? Find out now.


This cookie is made from wheat flour, sugar, cocoa, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, starch, salt, yeast, cocoa butter, and butter, among others, so let’s detail these compounds.

Wheat flour

It is not a toxic compound for dogs, it is in many dog food, it would be toxic only if your dog is allergic to wheat, however, its excessive consumption predisposes to obesity and other hormonal diseases.


It contains theobromine that is not digested by dogs and causes vomiting to convulsions, but, this last happens in excessive consumption, it is possible that a small amount does not harm them or there is a chance your dog presents digestive discomfort.

Sugar, starch, cocoa butter

In our dogs the symptoms are similar to the ones in children, it makes them hyperactive, and its continuous consumption can also generate hormonal problems.

Butter and whole milk powder

Although these compounds may have less lactose, they can generate sensitivity in intolerant dogs, besides ending up being more carbohydrates and generating the same effect as sugar.

To preserve this product, it has fermentation agents, coloring, and inorganic salt that although they are less harmful than those contained in other treats on the market, for dogs this cookie translates into unnecessary carbohydrates, so although it is not deadly for your pet it is preferable that you give him other snacks. 

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