Can Dogs Eat Brisket? – Nutrition Card

Brisket is a cut of meat from the beef chest, it is one of the toughest cuts, since the brisket holds approximately 60% of the weight of the cattle, so it becomes a powerfully resistant muscle.

However, for people it becomes an exquisite dish because its main component is collagen, which when cooked turns into gelatin, making it a juicy cut.

But, is this juicy piece of meat beneficial for our pets?

The answer is YES, but as with all foods, it should be used in moderation. 


According to USDA, this cut of meat contains a higher proportion of protein, Iron, and Zinc per 100 grams, compared to other cuts such as tenderloin, so it can be an excellent choice for your dog, taking into account that:

  • If it is growing or has any pathology that weakens it, it will require an optimal protein intake.
  • Its higher iron content makes it suitable for pets with anemia or blood parasites.
  • Zinc is relevant in skin cells that divide rapidly, and is essential for the synthesis of fatty acids, this cut participates in both the immune system and inflammatory processes, and is involved in the metabolism of vitamin A, so it is a great ally in dermatological problems.


This cut has more cholesterol content than others and fewer vitamins B12 and B6, so if your dog has a medical condition that requires care in these two aspects, consult your doctor before feeding continuously with brisket.

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Maria Klypo

Maria Klypo

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