Can Dogs Eat Brisket Bones? – Nutrition Card

Dogs can eat bones, but  there are three requirements to be able to give them, and that is that the bones must:

  1. Be raw
  2. Be the right size for your dog (your pet should not be able to swallow them whole in one bite).
  3. Be meaty

Benefits of Brisket Bones


Specifically, this bone can entertain your dog for hours while he chews it, so it is an alternative to enrich his environment, a toy that he can eat.

Dental protection

This type of bone can help to get rid of dental tartar, however, if there is a large amount of tartar it will not replace dental prophylaxis.

Important Recommendation

If your dog has never eaten bones you must first get him used to eating them by holding him by one end while he gnaws on the other, and you must give him the bone after he has eaten because otherwise if he is anxious to eat and eats it whole it can cause serious intestinal problems.

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Maria Klypo

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