Can Dogs Eat Sloppy Joe? – Nutrition Card

It’s hard to resist giving some of your sloppy joe to your dog when he looks at you with tender eyes while you enjoy your sandwich, but is it safe to give this food to your dog? Find out now.

In general, if your dog does not have any physical condition such as obesity or hormonal problems, he can consume a snack from time to time without any problem.

The important thing is that the consumption of sloppy joe is not frequent or in large quantities because, as we will see below, sauces and bread can predispose your dog to obesity.


Gastrointestinal upset

This sandwich may contain tomato or barbecue sauce, some sauces can be quite spicy, and you should know that dogs do not process seasonings very well, this can cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Especially if the sauce contains garlic or onion in addition to tomato, it is best to avoid consumption by your dog because especially these two condiments can cause discomfort.

Overweight and hormonal diseases

Dogs are mostly carnivorous animals, when we introduce carbohydrates such as bread to their diet, we predispose them to suffer from diseases such as obesity, pancreatitis, hypothyroidism, or diabetes.

This happens not only because we increase blood sugar levels, but also because we alter their intestinal flora and thus make their organism more susceptible to inflammation.


If you can not resist your dog’s begging look, then give him only a little bit of the meat, do not give him the bread that has sauce.

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