Can Dogs Eat Chicken Strips? – Nutrition Card

Chicken strips are a style of fried chicken that only includes chicken, without bones or skin, they are a very easy and tasty food to prepare, you can offer small pieces to your dog, but keep in mind the following indications.


Being a fried food, its excessive consumption can increase the body’s cholesterol and promote inflammation of different tissues, so it is not recommended that you offer it as part of the diet, but as a small snack once a week.

If your dog has diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, overweight, food allergy or kidney problems, it is better to avoid giving any fried food, including this one.

If your dog has never eaten chicken strips, do not offer it in large quantities, just offer a small piece and observe its reaction, some animals are hypersensitive to fried food and may vomit or have diarrhea when consuming it.

Before frying the chicken is usually passed through a mixture to give it a crunchier flavor, if that mixture contains garlic or onion it will be better not to give your dog these strips, remember that they do not digest well these condiments.

This food is served with sauces or honey, avoid over all sauces for your dog, these contain preservatives and flavorings that do not contribute anything nutritionally and instead can cause vomiting to your dog.


Chicken strips are not toxic food for our dogs, but it is better to avoid fried food for them.

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