Can Dogs Eat Canned Soup? – Nutrition Card

There are two reasons why it is not advisable to give canned soups to your dog, and they are the following:

Being canned

Canned foods should not be consumed daily or regularly because although they have the ability to preserve food, canned foods contain BPA.

BPA is a preservative that can be transferred in small amounts from containers to food.

It is known that BPA is related to increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, and now the relationship between BPA and some alterations observed in kidney, liver and mammary glands in animals is being studied.

Contain monosodium glutamate

This compound prevents the sensation of satiety, so it can generate more desire to eat in your dog.

In humans, it has been related to neurotoxicity and predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease and in studies carried out on mice, it was shown to diminish their spatial memory.

So please avoid feeding canned soup to your dog.

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Maria Klypo

Maria Klypo

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