Can Dogs Eat Castor Oil? – Nutrition Card

Risks of Castor Oil

To understand the possible risks of your dog consuming castor oil we must know that inside the cells of mammals there is a small structure called ribosome, this structure is responsible for making proteins.

On the other hand, ricin is a protein found in the seeds of the castor oil plant and when consumed it inactivates the ribosomes of the cells, that is to say, it makes the cell stop generating proteins, which can be fatal for our dogs.

However, for this not to happen, a refining process is carried out on the seed, which eliminates the toxin, so if the unrefined castor oil cannot be consumed by our dogs, the refined oil can.

Benefits of Castor Oil

Natural laxative

A teaspoon can help your dog if he is constipated.

Nourishes the skin

As it is an oil, it nourishes the fatty layer of the skin improving its appearance, dogs can eat it when licking, so remember to use only refined castor oil.

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