Can Dogs Eat Dried Plums? – Nutrition Card

Dried plums are sweet treats that we not only eat as candy, but some people also use them as a laxative.

It really is a safe food to give to our dogs, but there are two very important things to keep in mind when offering it, which is why we classify it as moderate safety status.

Read on to discover these two reasons.


Maintain bone stability

Animal and cell studies suggest that dried plums and their extracts enhance bone formation and inhibit bone resorption, which means they help in the process that keeps bone mineral density stable.

Relieves constipation

As A. Attaluri’s publication explains: the laxative effects of dried plums are most likely due to a combination of sorbitol, dietary fiber, and polyphenols, although the exact mechanism has not been established. Sorbitol acts as an osmotic laxative and holds on to water.


The risk of overconsumption of dried plums is precisely because its sugar content sorbitol, which is a potent natural sweetener and can affect your dog for two reasons:

  • If your dog has endocrine diseases such as diabetes, it is better to avoid it because its sugar content is very high.
  • If your dog does not tolerate sweets, he may have vomiting or diarrhea.

Although dried plums do not have seeds, if, for some reason they have, you should always avoid them because they contain cyanogenic glycosides, precursors of cyanide hydrogen that can become potentially lethal when processed by the body.

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