Can Dogs Eat Starfruit? – Nutrition Card

Dogs do not digest substances called oxalate very well, and starfruit contains it.

There are many foods that have small amounts of oxalate, and the dog’s organism has the capacity to take advantage of what it can digest and eliminate what it cannot.

The difficulty in processing starfruit is its high oxalate content.

Effects of Eating Starfruit

Kidney injury

In the kidney, there are microscopic tubules in which it has been observed that when there are oxalates a pronounced dilatation is formed.

Then oxalates increase the size of the tubule, which is harmful because this tubule is a filter and must be kept very small for proper operation, otherwise it can cause kidney failure.

Urinary stones

Stones are stones that usually form inside the bladder and can affect the urethra, causing bloody urine, pain, and inflammation of the bladder and urethra.

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