Can Dogs Eat Worcestershire Sauce? Should You Worry If Your Dog Ate Some?


No, dogs should not eat can Worcestershire sauce. While Worcestershire sauce is not toxic for dogs, the high salt content makes it unhealthy for your pup. Most dogs will not suffer any adverse side effects if they accidentally ingest some Worcestershire sauce. However, it can cause stomach upsets in dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Ingredients in Worcestershire Sauce That are Harmful to Dogs

Like most sauces and condiments, Worcestershire sauce is made from a variety of ingredients. Most types of Worchester sauces are constituted with, vinegar, molasses, chili pepper extract, salt, sugar, garlic, tamarind extract, and anchovies.

While not all these ingredients will harm your dog, here are some of the ingredients that make Worcestershire sauce unhealthy for dogs.

  • Vinegar

Most dogs do not tolerate vinegar well and it has been found to cause digestive issues. The vinegar content in Worcestershire sauce can lead to stomach upsets.

Vinegar is especially harmful to dogs with kidney diseases since the high acidity can aggravate the condition.

  • Garlic

Most types of Worcestershire sauce will contain some garlic. Garlic contains a compound called thiosulphate which is extremely toxic to dogs. While the garlic content in Worcestershire sauce may not be high enough to cause toxicity, it is best to avoid feeding your dog foods that contain any garlic.

  • Sodium

The high sodium content in Worcestershire sauce is another reason to keep this sauce away from your pup. A diet that is high in salt can cause digestive issues and make certain health conditions worse in dogs.

A little bit of salt may not do your dog harm but it is recommended that you avoid feeding your dog foods with high salt content. 

Worcestershire sauce
  • Sugar

Worcestershire sauce contains sugar which is not healthy or necessary in your dog’s diet. Apart from digestive issues, a diet high in sugar can also cause inflammation in the body predisposing your dog to ill health.

Should You Worry if Your Dog Ingests Worcestershire Sauce

It is not uncommon for dogs to ingest things they shouldn’t. Fortunately, a little Worcestershire is not going to harm your dog. In some cases, your pup may experience a stomach upset depending on the amount they consumed.

Some dogs may be allergic to Worcestershire sauce or some of the ingredients in it. In such cases, adverse reactions like vomiting or diarrhea may occur. If your dog starts showing symptoms of digestive issues after ingesting Worcestershire sauce, consult your vet for treatment.

Which Sauces are Safe for Dogs

Dogs digest foods differently compared to humans so most of the sauces we eat are not recommended for dogs.

Avoid feeding your dog foods containing ketchup, barbeque sauce, and other sauces that contain added salt, sugar, and artificial flavors. These sauces have little to no nutritional value and are generally unhealthy for your pup.

Instead of sauces, unsalted broth or gravy is a simple but healthy way to add some flavor to your dog’s food. You can add some gravy or broth to your dog’s kibble but avoid using sauces like Worcestershire in your dog’s food.


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