Can Dogs Eat Taquitos? – Nutrition Card

Do you like taquitos and when your dog sees you eating them, does he want them too? Here are 4 reasons why it’s best to resist your dog’s begging looks.

Taquitos are a popular Mexican food that consists of a tortilla, usually made of corn, that is folded or rolled up to contain various ingredients such as meat, avocado, beans, sauces, and condiments, which usually include onion, sometimes garlic, etc.


Digestive discomfort

Being a food seasoned with onion, your dog may vomit or have diarrhea, because they do not tolerate well this vegetable or garlic.

Abdominal distension

Some dogs may have gas or abdominal distension if they are not used to eating beans because they must make an effort to assimilate them, they may even have diarrhea, which will depend on how their intestinal flora can process a new food.

Gastrointestinal pain

For animals, the spicy taste is not usually pleasant as it is for people, but they assimilate it as burning, as pain. In addition, spiciness can cause gas or vomiting.


Avocado contains persin, a toxic substance for dogs that produces vomiting and in severe cases inflames the pancreas; however, it is in very little quantity in the avocado pulp, most of this substance is in the peel and the leaves of the tree.

However, if your dog has already eaten avocado and vomiting has occurred, the combination of avocado with the other ingredients of the taquito may cause worse discomfort.

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