Can Dogs Eat Milky Bars? – Nutrition Card

For dogs, it is not healthy to eat milky bars because they cause intoxication that causes signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, or even nervous signs such as convulsions.

For you to understand the reason, you should know four things:

  1. This happens because chocolate contains theobromine, a natural compound that is in cocoa and humans can digest, but dogs cannot.
  2. Your dog may eat a piece of milky bar and nothing happens to him, this is because milk chocolate and white chocolate have the lowest levels of theobromine.
  3. Although there are several factors for intoxication to occur, such as the amount consumed and the size of your dog, it is best to avoid giving these bars to your dog.
  4. In addition to chocolate, milk and the amount of sugar in this product can cause indigestion.

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Maria Klypo

Maria Klypo

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