Can Dogs Eat Milk Powder? – Nutrition Card

Milk powder is obtained by dehydration of pasteurized milk, it does not need to be kept cold and therefore its shelf life is longer, it is usually mixed in commercial preparations with soy lecithin, vitamins A and D3.

 In general, it is a safe food for your dog, although it is not necessary for its diet because other foods provide vitamins and proteins and because milk is not part of the nutritional requirements of adult dogs.

However, you can give cookies or snacks containing this milk to your dog, it will not harm him except if your dog has certain specific conditions which we will discuss below.


Intestinal Discomfort

If your dog is lactose intolerant this milk will hurt him because it also has lactose like liquid milk, so you should avoid it, it can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and other digestive signs.

Increases blood sugar

If your dog has obesity or hormonal problems such as diabetes, or hypothyroidism, it is better not to give him this milk because it has higher sugar content.

This milk contains maltodextrin, mono, and diglycerides, which in the food industry are generally added to increase the volume of food, but this raises the sugar levels in the body, which avoids weight loss and can predispose to problems with insulin if it is not regulated.

Predisposition to gastrointestinal disorders

This milk contains maltodextrin, an additive linked as a risk factor for the inflammatory bowel disease-prone population.

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