Can Dogs Eat Honey Buns? Food Friend or Foe?


Honey buns are delicious and nutritious, and they also fill you up quickly, so they can make a good option for snacks, lunch, or dinner. But can dogs eat honey buns? 

We’re answering this question and more in today’s post, so keep on reading! We’re also looking at the risks associated with feeding your dog honey buns on a regular basis, which every pet owner should be aware of.

Are Honey Buns Good for Dogs?

The best way to give an answer would be to say that ‘it’s complicated’. Honey buns are not toxic to this species in any way, shape, or form, but as you probably know, dogs are not supposed to have products that contain a lot of grains. 

The most common type of flour honey buns are manufactured with is wheat or all-purpose flour. Unfortunately, this ingredient can have several negative effects on your dog’s health, which we will detail in the following section. 

If we were to note only one advantage of feeding your dog honey buns, it would have to be that it can make them feel satiated for a couple of hours. 

So, if you have just adopted a dog and have nothing else available in your home in the way of actual dog food, one honey bun could be a good momentary solution

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Are Honey Buns Bad for Dogs?

In many ways, yes. Here are some risks you are exposing your pet to when giving them this human treat. 

Too much sugar

One main reason honey buns are so popular with people is that they taste good and are sweet. While that might be great as an experience, the truth is that they contain a lot of sugar. 

This means that they are only suitable for dogs that do not have diabetes or are not predisposed to obesity. 

Causing a spike in your pet’s blood sugar can have heaps of negative effects, so do consider that before integrating this food into your dog’s diet. 


The honey buns you can purchase from any store, meaning those that are pre-made are rich in many fats, particularly saturated ones. 

Even though moderated quantities of saturated fats can be somewhat safe for dogs, high amounts can impact your dog’s health status. 

For example, too much cholesterol can cause inflammation in your dog’s body, and can also increase the risk of your pup developing diabetes and other chronic diseases. Plus, the fat can accumulate into your dog’s blood vessels, which is never a good thing. 

Artificial additives

Store-bought honey buns are dangerous for both dogs and people as they almost always contain some substances that can help them to remain shelf-stable for many days. 

If you’ve ever made your honey buns before, you probably know that they can last for a couple of days until you can’t eat them anymore. Companies add plenty of preservatives, artificial colors, and binders to their recipes, so your dog could definitely do without any of these. 

Artificial sweeteners

As obesity has become an epidemic throughout the world, lots of manufacturers have begun to replace (at least in part) the sugar they use with xylitol, sorbitol, or other sweeteners. 

All of these are risky for dogs and they’re so toxic that a dog can lose their life in a matter of hours after ingesting them. 

Empty calories

In the end, besides the fact that honey buns are filling, there’s really not much of an advantage to integrating them into your dog’s diet. They will keep your pup full for some time but they’re not going to provide them with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and anything else that might be found in healthy dog food. 

Potentially dangerous ingredients 

Some honey buns have raisins in them. If you didn’t know, grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs. While less common, chocolate can be another ingredient in this treat, and it’s toxic to dogs, too. 

How Many Honey Buns Can My Dog Eat?


Your dog’s kibble or canned food already contains the nutrients that your pup is supposed to get to remain healthy, and there are plenty of dog-specific treats available today. 

There really is no point in giving your dog honey buns unless you really have nothing else available at that time. 

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How to Prepare and Serve Honey Buns to Your Dog

If you really feel like there’s no way of going around it and you simply must give your dog a honey bun or a bit of one, making them at home is the best solution.

You can control the amount of sugar and honey you add to the recipe and you can also use healthier flours, such as whole grain varieties and those containing seeds

Chances are that your dog might not even be interested in eating honey buns, in which case you should be proud that they’re so smart. Don’t force your dog to have human snacks if they don’t want to and avoid feeding them table scraps since they can contain too much fat, sugar, and salt anyway. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can honey buns kill dogs?

In most cases, no. Dogs that have diabetes or a sensitivity to the ingredients in store-bought honey buns might experience a decline in health, but they will usually recover over the course of several days.

Is honey OK for dogs?

In small amounts, yes. Honey is pretty rich in several minerals and vitamins and the natural sugars in it are safe for this species.


So, can dogs eat honey buns? While they are definitely not toxic to most dogs, honey buns are not the best type of food to give to your pet. Talk to your veterinarian about any question you might have with regards to your dog’s diet as they are the best person that can advise you in this sense. 


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