Can Dogs Eat Grain Bread? – Nutrition Card

Although the consumption of bread does not generate an immediate intoxication when eating it, we must know that there are components that will not benefit them, such as those described below:

Seeds and nuts

Dogs cannot degrade seeds in the best of cases when they eat seeds or nuts, they expel them whole in the fecal matter, and in others, you can generate signs like diarrhea or vomit.


Although there is no talk of celiac disease in dogs, dogs can become intolerant to gluten and not have digestive manifestations such as vomiting or diarrhea, but present neurological signs such as seizures or dermatological signs such as skin allergies.


Sometimes bread can have this flavoring that dogs love, but it causes a severe decrease in blood sugar levels, which generates vomiting, weakness, convulsions, coma, or fainting.

So avoid giving grain bread to your dog.

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Maria Klypo

Maria Klypo

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