Can Dogs Eat Elk Meat? – Nutrition Card

Elk meat was one of the earliest sources of protein for wolves when they hunted in packs, first eating the entrails and then the muscle.

Benefits of Elk Meat


Palatability refers to the taste, aroma, texture, and appearance of a food, although it is not a common protein in some parts of the world, its great palatability makes it a choice for dogs with capricious appetites.

Alternative for allergic dogs

In dogs that are intolerant to common proteins (such as chicken or beef), feeding elk ensures a high and safe protein intake.

Important Recommendation

Animals can become allergic to any protein and although food allergies are not common due to consumption of elk if you have not fed your dog this before if you see diarrhea, scratching, skin color changes, or vomiting it is best to discontinue this food.

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