Can Dogs Eat Dough? Should You Worry If Your Dog Ate Some?


Baked bread is harmless for most dogs, but can dogs eat dough? No, you should never feed raw dough to dogs. Any kind of raw dough such as bread or pizza dough is extremely dangerous for dogs. The raw dough expands in the moist environment of your pup’s stomach leading to bloating and in some cases gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV).

What Makes Dough Bad for Dogs?

While baked goodies may not be harmful to your fur buddy, it is extremely important to keep your dog away from raw dough.

Dough is dangerous because it contains yeast which is toxic to dogs. When your pup ingests dough, the yeast starts to ferment in the stomach and in the process produces alcohol. This alcohol is then absorbed into the bloodstream leading to toxicity.

Even dough that does not contain any yeast is dangerous because it can easily cause bloat and gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV). This occurs when the dough expands in the stomach causing intestinal blockage or twisting of the stomach.

Signs Your Dog May Have Eaten Dough

Your dog may eat dough without your knowledge and it is important to recognize the signs quickly. Here are some symptoms of dough toxicity to watch out for.

  • Swollen and distended stomach: Since dough obstructs the digestive tract, one of the first signs that your dog has ingested dough is a swollen or distended stomach.
  • Retching: Once the dough starts to expand in the stomach, your dog may start retching or trying to vomit. In most cases, nothing will come up since the digestive tract is obstructed so your pup will keep retching.
  • Lethargy: A dog that has ingested dough will start to exhibit general body weakness and lethargy. This is due to the obstruction of the intestines and possible alcohol poisoning from yeast.
  • Drooling: Excessive drooling is common especially when your dog has consumed dough containing yeast and is suffering from alcohol poisoning.
dog sniffing dough

What You Should Do if Your Dog Has Eaten Dough?

If your suspect your dog has taken dough, it is important to immediately seek veterinary assistance. You can give your pup some cold water to drink as this will help to slow down the fermentation process. However, never attempt to induce vomiting at home as it may make the situation worse.

Most dogs will recover from dough poisoning provided they receive treatment in the shortest time possible.

What is the Treatment for Dough Ingestion?

Gastric dilatation volvulus as a result of dough ingestion can be fatal if not treated in time. if your vet is unable to induce vomiting they will perform gastric lavage to flush the dog’s stomach. In cases where large quantities of dough have been consumed surgery may be necessary.

If the dough ingested contained yeast, fluid therapy is used to resolve any alcohol poisoning.

How to Prevent Dough Poisoning?

Dogs will eat almost anything so it is important to keep them away from hazardous foods such as raw dough. These simple tips can help you reduce the risk of your dog eating dough.

  • Keep dough out of reach when baking and avoid leaving it on the kitchen counter unattended.
  • Do not dispose of raw dough in an open trash can or anywhere that your dog may be able to reach
  • Keep your dog out of the kitchen when you are working with dough


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