Can Dogs Eat Daikon Radish? – Nutrition Card

Daikon radish is a vegetable like a white carrot and is commonly eaten raw or cooked.

It is known by other names such as white radish, Japanese radish, Chinese radish, or winter radish, it is popular in Asian cuisine and brings several benefits if you add it to your dog’s diet, discover them below.


Prevent obesity

Daikon radish contains a bioactive that has been shown to inhibit the accumulation of adipose tissue in the liver.

This characteristic makes it extremely important to include in your pet’s diet if It is obese or predisposed to fatty liver due to endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism.

Reduces body inflammation

This radish also has the ability to behave as an antioxidant, that is, as a biological protector against cellular damage.

Cellular damage occurs physiologically but can be exaggerated by diseases such as those mentioned above (obesity, hypothyroidism), neurodegenerative, or gastrointestinal, among others.

Improves digestion

Being a fiber not only makes the process of mobilization of food through the intestinal tract easier, but also serves as a substrate for intestinal bacteria.

Remember that one way to take care of your dog’s intestinal microbiota is by providing fiber because it is prebiotic.

In conclusion, it is not only safe food for your dog, but it also contains nutrients that will help him to improve his digestion and reduce inflammation in his body, you can administer it grated and mixed with meat or chicken if it does not eat it cut in small pieces.

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