Can Dogs Eat Corned Beef? What are the Risks for Them


No, dogs should not eat corned beef. Corned beef is typically soaked in a brine solution containing salt, spices, and vinegar which makes it very high in salt content. Foods containing excessive amounts of salt are harmful to your dog since they can cause salt toxicity.

Why is Corned Beef Bad for Dogs

Dogs need a healthy source of animal protein in their diet so why exactly is corned beef bad for dogs? Corned beef is made using a curing process that involves soaking beef brisket in a brining solution. This brine solution often contains ingredients that are toxic to dogs including:

  • Salt: 3 ounces of corned beef can contain as much as 827 mg of salt. Salt is one of the ingredients used in brining corned beef. This increases the sodium content in the beef making it unhealthy for dogs. Too much salt can cause salt poisoning in dogs which is characterized by dehydration, lethargy and muscle tremors.
  • Vinegar: When curing corned beef, vinegar is used in the brining solution. Most dogs especially those with sensitive stomachs can get stomach irritation from eating foods that contain vinegar.
  • Garlic and onions: Garlic is a common ingredient in the preparation of corned beef and this ingredient is not safe for your pup. Garlic can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs by destroying red blood cells a condition that can be fatal. Onions are also harmful to dogs and may trigger the same reaction as garlic.
  • High fat content: Corned beef is high in fat content which is not healthy for your pup. Fatty foods can predispose your dog to obesity and other health complications such as pancreatitis. While an occasional fatty treat may not harm your dog, a diet that is rich in fatty foods such as corned beef may eventually affect the health of your dog.
Corned Beef

What Happens if My Dog Eats Corned Beef

If your dog eats just a small amount of corned beef, they may not experience any adverse side effects. However, the high salt content may lead to excessive thirst and you should make sure they drink plenty of water.

In case your dog has ingested a lot of corn beef, it is important to watch out for the following symptoms:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Muscle tremors

These symptoms indicate that your pup may have salt poisoning and needs treatment immediately.

Is Fresh Corned Beef Better for Dogs Than Canned

Fresh corned beef just like canned contains high amounts of salt and fats. Avoid feeding your dog all forms of corned beef. The brining process used in making corned beef requires the use of spices, salt and additives like vinegar which are all harmful to your dog.

Is Bacon Better Than Corned Beef for Dogs

No, bacon just like corned beef is rich in saturated fats and also contains high levels of salt. If your dog eats a small piece of bacon on occasion they will be fine. However, feeding your dog bacon frequently or in large quantities can increase the risk of obesity and conditions like pancreatitis that are linked to fatty foods.

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